If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Marilyn Pipe

Telephone:  01296 747336

Email: marilynjpipe@btinternet.com

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  1. Marilyn, just remembered…… I forgot to get back to you! eeeek! sorry. The day I provisionally booked with you to do the day course at your house with the lady that I met at Missenden is a ‘no-go’ I’m afraid. As I thought, it falls on the same Wednesday as the class I am doing once a month with Angie Hughes at Bramble Patch. Sorry, and sorry for not getting back to you sooner! Gill Carr x

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    With all my sewing machine dramas I forgot to remind you at the end of yesterday to give me you corsage pattern,
    I have really enjoyed the last couple of days, thank you.
    See you soon I am sure!


  3. I have looked at your website and would very much like to make one of your textile bags. Could you please contact me on 07957 404627 so I can find out how to go about this. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks. Deborah Burton

  4. Hi Marilyn
    My name is Mary Taylor and I am coming to denman in September to do poppy fields
    This email is to ask if you would take another pupil for this course I have put her name down as a reserve already she is a member of my WI and a is very nervous at meeting people and doing new things as it would be her first time at denman I thought this would be a good opportunity for her to enjoy all that denman has to offer coming with people she knows I do realise that you will have to ask the college if there is room as I know that you are extremely popular (grovel grovel)we met last week as I was leaving denman and you were just starting I am the lady doing the bluebell workshop in July I hope you do not think this is abit of a cheek and apologise if you do I’ve rambled on to long looking forward to July hope to hear from you soon regards mary

    • Hi Marilyn, I think you sent this to me by mistake. lovely seeing you yesterday xxxxx   Prudence Staveley-Taylor


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