Did you know that if you screw up paper 50 times it becomes quite malleable? By using magazine pages to bond and stitch onto recycled denim, it is possible to make a beautiful unique hand bag in 2 days. Book now for an unforgettable and environmentally friendly couple of days!

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  1. My yr10 product design students NEED to master this technique could you give me some hints and tips? We’re doing a recycling project

      • Hello Marilyn, would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your handout also. I have just read a letter in this months W.I. LIfe magazine saying how good your course was at Denman College. unfortunately for financial reasons I will not be able to attend another course in the near future but I would truly love to try out this paper bag not as you know it. Thanks in anticipation, Gwyneth.

  2. Just been reading a letter in W.I life magazine about your course Paper Bag: But not as you know it. Would you also be able to send me a handout about this lovely bag. I recently attended a craft course in Denman and would not be able to afford to go again in the future, so it would be lovely to receive something from you, Thank you.

  3. Particularly interested in this technique, Marilyn. Can you give me any hints? Does the picture fade somewhat when you scrunch the paper up? Would love to have a go. Regards

  4. This is a follow up request for a worksheet. I live in North Wales which is a long way for me to travel to one of your workshops. Would it be possible for me to have a worksheet please. I first saw one of your bags in my w.i. Magazine. Someone had written a letter saying how wonderful your workshop had been. Since this time I have been searching the web looking for a way to make one. My email address is: Thank you in anticipation Gwyneth Williams.

  5. Hi Marilyn, I’ve booked on to your course ‘APaper Bag but not as you know it’,at Denman College in November this year (2018).Would it be possible to e mail me a handout please. I would love to ‘be up to speed’ a bit before I come. Looking forward to it very much Joan Tall. E mail thank you in advance?

  6. Marilyn,
    I hope you are the tutor who did the silk ribbon embroidery at Denman 15/4. Have just googled your name!!
    My mum and I were on that taster workshop. Wasn’t the one we were expecting (our details were for flower corsages but it was interesting to try the embroidery even if both of us weren’t very good at it, i have carpal tunnel in both hands so a bit difficult doing fine work but understand the mix up from Denman as we had a couple of issues with their new computer systems and them contacting us last minute with wrong details etc. It happens with technology I guess!!
    Anyway, Reason I’m trying to track you down is was reading the other courses you do and one of them was ‘a paper bag but not as you know it’ is that suitable for someone like me with wrist and finger problems at moment?
    Also, when mentioned to my mum I thought I’d like to do this, she said take there were lovely bags on display during our session that may have been from this. She said she had fallen in love with one with a bluebells wood on it., but didn’t think to ask if they were for sale. Are they? If so I would love to buy her one of these for her birthday. Happy to pay post etc.
    Can you let me know.

  7. Is it possible for you to send a handout for the scrunched magazine pages’ bag. I am, unfortunately unable to attend your courses, and would love to try this. My email address is Thank you, Gwyneth.

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